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About Us

Why Choose US?

Emerald Financial Group Insurance is a full service, independent insurance agency providing professional services to individuals, families and businesses in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and other nearby states.

We do things the old fashion way. We will earn your trust. Many of our new customers are referrals from present clients. In fact, we have historically retained over 92% of our clientele. That will benefit you, because we are not constantly chasing the next case. We can and do listen to you and offer access to a highly trained, customer focused, professional team of experts.

One of our clients puts it best “…it’s like you’re looking for problems to solve, rather than just trying to sell me something”. Indeed, we are proud that our independence allows us to put your needs first.

When You Become Our Client

You’ll see the difference by having a consistent, identifiable voice; not the merry go round you may be used to.

Expertise: Not only will you satisfy your needs, you’ll understand what actions we’re taking and WHY.

Choice: Not every company can be all things to all people. We can tailor your solutions to meet your specific needs

Emerald’s Six Keys to Success

  1. Listen: Are we doing all the talking? If so, it means we are selling, not consulting.
  2. Identify: What are problems/needs? We would like to help you set goals to protect your assets and achieve financial security.
  3. Quantify: Problems become huge unless they can be measured and broken down into smaller steps.
  4. Propose Options: We’ll identify what solutions are available and figure out the steps necessary to achieve your goals.
  5. Implement the Solutions: Plans are useless unless we can actually implement the plan. It’s the difference between having the knowledge and doing nothing vs. taking the first steps and addressing the goal.
  6. Review: Everybody’s situation changes. Is the plan still valid? Are the coverages sufficient or are revisions needed?

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